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Here’s what folks have been saying


From our interview with Jacob Nordby
“What a awesomely beautiful show today! All 3 of you were absolutely delightful! 🙂 Jacob’s words were so very timely and perfect. Thank you!”

Much Love and Many Blessings to all 3 of you! ~ Judy M., Canada


“I loved Kristen’s story about choice. I realize now the power I have to make choices in my life and choose new one’s if the old one’s no longer serve. Perfectly timed!”

Many thanks for the light you shine! ~ Sean H., Ontario


From our Sunday Morning Holographic Play Calls
“Thanks so much for your morning call and meditation… I am new to your calls and really enjoyed the energy. I’m putting it on my Sunday calendar!  Your program really fits in with my life purpose of JOY & connectedness as I share it!!! And skip along with my 3 year old in my 71 year old body!!!”

Love ~ Anne K, Georgia


From our interview with Joshua Bloom
“I just finished listening to Joshua Bloom’s interview. Great information! I am going to need to listen to it again as I am sure that I missed something of value. I am hearing loud and clear that I need to be in my body – be me. I am getting better and can get even better. Thank you for bringing in such lovely guests!”

🙂 Sean H., Ontario