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Wisdom from Beyond with Frances Key on nrQi Radio

Have you ever wondered about life after death? About the wisdom, information and experiences that exist beyond our 3D reality? Join us today as guest Frances Key stops by to share with us the wisdom and information she began channeling from her mother after her death in 2010.

Wisdom from Beyond with
Frances Key on nrQi Radio

Wednesday, September 11th @ 2pm (ET)
(206) 402-0100 / Pin code: 990679#

In October of 2010, Crystal “Teddy” Key passed away at the age of 86, her family by her side. Nineteen days later, she began to communicate with her eldest daughter, Frances Key, about her perspective from the Other Side through automatic writing, dreams, visions and instantaneous downloads of information. The inrush of information was so intense and rapid, that within three weeks, Book One of the series “The Team: A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side” was complete. Books Two & Three would follow shortly after.
Teddy’s powerful message began with the words, “You are not alone. You’re not even functioning as one person. Nobody is. For you are a member of a team… a spiritual Team as close to you as breathing.” The books explore the workings of the afterlife as it relates to the concept of our personal and collective purpose on Earth and have been described by some as “teachings for the teachers,” for they expand and deepen many of the time-honored concepts that exist in metaphysics.

About our Guest, the team, frances key, channel, life from beyondA dual citizen of the USA and Australia, Frances is a musician, songwriter, teacher and playwright and has dedicated her talents to the field of human rights. Two of her musicals, “The Mountain of Peace” and “Aussie Song” have been professionally produced. From 1999-2009, she was the founder/director of “The International Peace Performers Chorus” which tied for first place in the MacDonald’s Choral Competition and released a number of CDs featuring Frances’ original songs. Her songs have also been used by many organizations, including The Round Table Indigenous Leaders meetings in the Capitol, UNESCO’s New Songs for Peace, The Campaign for a Dept of Peace in Washington DC, and the North Florida 2008 Inaugural Ball, to mention but a few. In 2010, she received an Official Commendation from the Yosemite Film Festival for her environmentally-themed screenplay “H2LOVE.”