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Our biggest joy is in celebrating YOUR transformation! Watching you step fearlessly into your Divine self is so beautiful to witness, and as  you take that step toward transformation, you light the path for others to do the same! In honor and support of your courage, faith and strength, we have combined forces with our guests to bring you some of their most powerful activations, meditations, tools, and processes to assist you on your journey. 


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 This Weeks Top Pick

special offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offersthe forbidden text, dawn clark,, fact or fictionFact or Fiction? It may shock you to know that this story is based on reality! The author, Dawn Clark, is a lifelong “sensitive” and futurist who
bridges the gap between science and spirituality.
She has worked with physicists to lay the scientific frameworks for the hidden realms explored in The Forbidden Text.
Download the first three chapters for FREE!


 The Intention Call

intention call, meditation, conscious creation, world peace, health, love, abundance, intentioncall.comThe Intention Call is a platform which special offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers
allows meditators from around the globe
to come together for the purpose of
Consciously Creating via our Intentions!


Access Consciousness

Creating Greater Possibilities with Money Video

Creating Greater Possibilities with Money FREE Seriesspecial offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers
Join Dr. Dain Heer as he invites you to something that is truly
amazing. And it’s FREE! How does it get better than that? Learn
how to change your relationship with money and more and create
greater possibilities than you ever imagined.


Choice Point

choice point, sir richard branson, barbara marx hubbard, Jack Canfield,  Gregg Braden, Archbishop Desmond TutuThe Love of Power or The Power of Love –
which will you choose?

choice point movie, sir richard branson, gregg braden, barbara marx hubbardChoice point is a startling new movie that delves into the hearts and minds of some of the world’s leading change-makers; from business people to statesmen, from sports stars to spiritual leaders, scientists to philosophers.

Through this movie their voices offer a profound message of hope as a pattern emerges that empowers each of us to be the changes – to make the choices that can not only transform ourselves, but also the world around us.


Jeneth Blackert

Sexy Money: Wealth Creation Through Onenessspecial offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers
In this series of 3 FREE calls you will learn the Energetic Secret to Money Creation and UNLOCK your sexy-money
energy to
change your polar & emotional charges with it comes
to money and wealth creation.

Noah St. John

AFFORMATIONS: The missing piece to abundance noah st. john, afformations, abundance, positive thinking, success clinic

noah st. john, afformations, success clinic, abundance, dump your head trash, the secret code to successListen, watch and learn as Noah St. John, expert on how to dump your head trash teaches you his simple system for have more abundance and well-being in just 5 minutes a day!

Quantum Lightweaving

Kenji Kumara’s Prosperity & Abundance Activation
Join Kenji during this dynamic guided meditation and quantum activation for Prosperity and Abundance. It is a must listen to regardless of your current situation!!

Cleansing Pure Blue Ice
kenji kumara, pure blue ice, quantum lightweavingInspired by and specially created for Kenji Kumara’s Quantum Lightweaving®, a brand-new quantum holographic wave power plate/ pendant intended to assist in balancing, enhancing and deepening integration of the Quantum experience.


World Wide Wealth Club

the secret behind the secret, brent phillips, law of attraction, free giftFREE e-book, The Secret Behind The Secret by Brent Phillips and FREE admission to my next live “World Wide Wealth Club” healing tele-seminar!






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