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Unleash Your Divine Potential with Victor DaPonte on nrQi Radio

Have you been wondering how you can awaken the power to speak and create your reality? Are you ready to go beyond clearing and releasing. Step into a universe of limitless possibilities? Then you will want to join us today Victor Da Ponte Special Offeras we speak with Victor DaPonte about his I AM Alignment Mastery Program!
  • Do you want to Align to your Divine Destiny?
  • Are you ready to dive deeper into your Divinity?
  • Are you ready to move beyond clearing, releasing, affirmations, visualizations and meditation and truly tap into miraculous power of your I AM Presence?
  • Are you ready to finally awaken your infinitely unique and divine expression?


I AM Alignment Mastery with
Victor DaPonte on nrQi Radio
Wednesday, August 14th @ 2pm (ET)
(206) 402-0100 / Pin code: 990679#

The I AM Alignment, aligns your vibrations, thoughts, emotions and perceptions to your I AM Presence. It helps you become one with your True Self, with others, and with the earth by aligning your chakras, your intentions, and your desires to the higher frequencies of the Divine Source.
The I AM Alignment will shift your thoughts and actions from an ‘ego-centered’ thought process into I AM Consciousness, awaken your inner power, and activate your I AM Voice and Command to transform your reality.


About Our Guest

VictorDaPonte, I am, divinity, mastery, life masteryVictor Da Ponte is a visionary whose soul purpose is to help humanity realize its vibrational connection with the ultimate reality. With over 20 years of spiritual practice and healing service, he is known internationally for his profound healing gift to remotely shift people out of their limitations – even while they sleep – Victor’s exceptional skills have earned him the honor of working with some of today’s top leaders, coaches, and healers in the consciousness movement.

Victor’s healing gifts were awakened after several profound life experiences and they continue to expand daily. In 2011, a powerful inner voice transmitted a mind-shattering realization, which essentially said: “Stop creating your limitations, they don’t exist! They are not what you are. Wake up! You are beyond all thoughts, beyond all concept and beyond all understanding – stop believing anything less than this.” The inner voice identified itself as “We” and then further revealed itself as that which is untouchable and unknowable: the “I AM That I AM.” It was the source of our very existence and the only thing that is true and absolute.

This awakened consciousness of the power of the I AM awareness gave birth to Quantum Reprogramming, a revolutionary healing method that miraculously shatters self-imposed limitations amazingly quick. This method works by voicing the ultimate truth in a co-creative session with the client or audience. These sessions not only heal and transform almost instantly but awaken the conscious creator within.

Victor’s message is simple: we are infinitely powerful beings who create our own reality and the only thing that truly exists is infinite love. The mission is to awaken as many people as possible and shift beyond the Third Dimensional Reality so that we may all shine brightly together and co-create heaven on earth.