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Suzanna Kennedy ~ Emotional/Mental Detox

Join us for some inspired conversation with Suzanna Kennedy about how to Detox in order to Upgrade every aspect of our lives. And how to LoveUp your inner child by setting it free from toxic thoughts and emotions and the trauma, drama and pain that they cause.

SUzannaKennedy, emotional mental detox, living consciouslySuzanna Kennedy is the Founder and Director of Reality Crafting Institute.  After experiencing a spontaneous consciousness awakening that allowed her to tap into the Universal Science of Consciousness and Creation, Suzanna left a successful 18-year career as a corporate training consultant to found Reality Crafting Institute.For more than 13 years, Institute graduates have upgraded their consciousness and their lives by using her unique programs and powerful methods.  Her clients find freedom from past limitations and experience expanded levels of consciousness, peace, harmony, abundance and creativity in their daily lives.
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