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stop, drop and meditate

Today, as I was driving home from the gym, I had a really amazing experience. I have been trying to be in the practice of thanking myself and my body for going to the gym. Deeply appreciating my body and my mind for working together in harmony to keep me healthy and vibrant. Sometimes I do a scan and thank the areas that were in cooperation with me (which most often is my mind, who frequently finds excuses and reasons for why I shouldn’t go) and sometimes I give thanks to my muscles for cooperating, for doing their job and for getting stronger every day, or I thank my bones for not aching. But whatever the case, today as I left I found that there was an opening to a much more profound sense of gratitude. So I followed these thoughts and feelings as they bobbed and weaved along.

I found, as I explored, that these thoughts lead me to extraordinary places of non-judgement, where I was able to look upon my life from a more expanded, peaceful place. I found places where my heart just wanted to open and pour forth it contents. Bestowing great love, respect and appreciation for my children, for my family and for my friends. And on and on they flowed. I found places of forgiveness, appreciation and new perspectives. Never questioning the flow, I remained in a state of curiosity about it. And as I wondered why I was being lead in certain directions, I found I was being drawn to a chapter in a book I was reading last night by Richard Bartlett, called The Physics of Miracles. Now Richard Bartlett being Richard Bartlett, his stuff can get a bit out there, but I adore him because of that. The overlying theme in this chapter was about trusting in the process. He was talking about creating modules (programs or templates) for “healing” people, situations or experiences, and was saying that no matter what, the most important aspect is that you believe or trust in what you are doing. Whether you feel it, see it, sense it or not. From a place of curiosity, I  had been asking into this moment how I could help my daughter with her low self esteem. I wondered if there was a template I could develop to help her. And sure enough, one appeared in the form of a beautiful crystalline red heart. So I installed it and activated it into her heart, which was where I was being guided to put it! Then, I sat back and began to trust in the process.

What I saw was miraculous, and beautiful and spectacular. And as I watched it unfold, I understood, that this template had not only been designed for her. So I installed it in me, and others that I knew who needed it. And while I could go into enormous detail about the process, that isn’t totally the point of this post. In addition to wanting to share this beautiful moment of expansion, I wanted to remind us all of the importance of meditation.

You see, the funny part about this whole experience was that all morning I had been making up excuses and reasons why I couldn’t or didn’t have the time to sit down and meditate this morning. But here is the thing… I think that whole idea of needing to carve out time, and making it a “must” is what causes many of us to suspect that we have “failed” at it. I think this is one of the greatest myths and misnomers of meditation.

The experience that I had this morning, all happened when I was driving home from the gym. I hadn’t carved out time for it. I didn’t plan it into my day. It just happened, organically and perfectly. And the point that I want to make is that there is really no “perfect” way to meditate. In fact, I honestly believe that learning to be efficient and aware of every moment, in a way, living your life as one giant “walking meditation” is ultimately going to be more effective and beneficial for everyone. Just taking moments throughout your day to follow a thought, or be curious about a situation, I honestly believe will help us all to evolve and expand exponentially.