nrQi Radio

Tapping Into the Energy of Infinite Possibility

Hi Kristen (and Cindy) !


Here’s a page created using the “Squeeze” template.

Note: I have also set this to “noindex, nofollow” in the new SEO panel (located below the text editor while in the “Edit Page” screen). This setting tells Google and other search engines “don’t crawl” (ignore) this page, don’t follow any links that might be on this page.

Above, on the menu bar, you see “nrqi radio” – this is a link to the home page and, hence, back to the rest of the site. We can change this but….

This theme’s font does not allow capitalization of characters! i.e., cannot easily change to “nrQi”.

We can be clever and change the wording of this link or…. simply remove the link altogether.

Lemme know if you’d like further development on this.