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Spring Cleaning

The Words of the Akashic Record Keepers
for the Week of April 9th -15th

Question: What is the energy of the April 9th-15th week?
Akashic Record Keepers’ Answer: This is a week of big “spring clearing”. Lots of old crud will surface for you to address. The beauty of it all is that you are living in the space of no karma (congratulations — you grew up enough to be able to operate in this space) and thus anything you deal with and resolve now is dealt with and resolved in your current, as well as in all you previous, reincarnations. Be happy and grateful for the opportunity to clear and be free. You are currently like a prisoner who has been kept captive for too long and now, though your chains are no longer locked, you do not realize you can simply walk away — when you make your step though, your chain falls off completely and you are fully free of it. In a similar manner, once you see your “chain” (the remnant of your past lives karma), when you take a step to free yourself from it, you are completely free. Approach everything that comes to you this week with the understanding that when you deal with it now, you did it once and for all. Fast and clear. What is not to love about this time :)?

Question: What is the state of the Earth and of the human beings right now?
Akashic Record Keepers’Answer: You are all becoming one — you, the children of this space, and the Earth. It is beautiful to look at you and see how your paths are crossing and you are living more and more in alignment and unity with each other. To some of you this merging of the energies is very obvious and tangible; others perceive it as a “different” and even “weird” and “off” state — both are the two sides of the same coin. Regardless of what you are feeling and where you are currently on your path, you cannot “escape” the unification — its waves became too strong and too full for anyone to be able to “hide” from them (as if anyone would want to :)). Allow the waves of love, unity, compassion, understanding and peace to engulf you and loose yourself in the quietness and gentleness of this transformation. Regardless of the state of the outside world, you are having the feeling of “right direction” and that is so for you are on the right path that will lead you to what you came here for, to what your Being has been craving for for as long as the eternity itself existed. The opening of the rose bud into a beautiful blossom is a quiet, gentle and slow process, but it is definitely worth the waiting and it is definitely going to happen — that’s nature’s promise to you each spring. This transformation is God’s promise to you now, Your spring is coming.

Question: What can one do to facilitate his/her transformation process?
Akashic Record Keepers’ Answer: Nothing. You do not need to do, say or be anything else but who you are right now. There is no point to worry — you cannot “mess it up”. This process of growth and expansion is much bigger than any of you individually, thus cannot be influenced by your energy or state, but at the same time — in a parallel reality, it can. What is unique for this moment though is that the outcomes, based on each individual’s behavior and decisions, do collapse into one reality. So, yes, in theory you do modify your reality and no, in this case no matter which path you take, it will lead you to the same point of light. You can choose the length and the shape of your path, but not its final destination. We hope that this information will bring relief to those of you who might have been scared not to be “left behind”; to those of you who want to be the “masters of your life” — think of the thousandfold bigger energy playground you will have after the shift, to create your experience and embodiment the way your soul wants to.

©2012 as Channeled from the Akashic Records through Yana Mileva

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