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Inspired by life and guided by an insatiable desire for discovering the depths of what is possible, Kristen enjoys spending time as a conscious entrepreneur, radio show host, transformation coach and dedicated mom. She is committed to shining the light of possibility and truth for all to see.

After a prickly divorce and deep soul searching more than 8 years ago, Kristen realized it was finally time to claim her life as her own. This began a period of rapid transformation and spiritual growth which today, has culminated it the manifestation of a rich, abundant, joy filled life that she shares with her two beautiful children and three handicapped dogs.

When not exploring new possibilities on the radio show, Kristen enthusiastically leverages the rest of her time as a transformation and self-empowerment coach, utilizing cutting-edge energy tools, EFT, and re-patterning techniques to help others transform their lives and step boldly into their authentic being. She is a certified Laughter Yoga™ Instructor, trained energy/intuitive healer, and manager of her own line of energetically imbued bath and body products called Cleen™.

In a beautiful moment of synchronicity, Kristen was blessed with being a co-author of the Amazon best selling book: A Juicy, Joyful Life. From that experience she has been able to launch several classes which take part throughout the year including: Life By Design, Beautiful You, and Laugh Yourself Lean. As with every journey she embarks on, all have a common purpose in mind: to assist others in raising their vibration, make a quantum impact on the expansion of consciousness on the planet, and open the door for others spiritual reawakening so they can embrace their most abundant, authentic and inspired lives.


Cindy Briolotta

Cindy is a hypnotist, and transformational coach who has helped thousands of people to reach their goals, develop their full potential, and live lives of freedom and joy.

She has been on a personal growth adventure since her teen years. The path to joy and fulfillment was not a direct one for her. Cindy wandered for many years immersed in the trance of struggle, engaged in a series of unsatisfying jobs and relationships. She endured several dark nights of the soul, but never gave up hope that there had to be more to life.

Everything turned around for her when she discovered hypnosis as a career, and began to live her calling. That was just the beginning of a journey that took her to the leading edge of spirituality and new thought movements, where she now delightfully plays, continually learning, teaching, and shining the light.

Cindy is thrilled to be living her values of love, joy and freedom. Now it is a joy for her to live her mission and passion and purpose by helping you to live the life of your dreams.