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………………Special Offers created by Our Guests just for YOU!

It is such a joy and honor to work in collaboration with our guests to co-create a vibrant and uplifting playground for expansion™ just for you. The wisdom, concepts and teachings of each of our guests are truly life changing and designed with one purpose in mind — to encourage and inspire you to take action toward making quantum leaps in all areas of your life.

To further assist you in your journey of transformation, rebirth and reawakening, we have asked, and many of our guests have chosen, to create wonderful compilations of their best work to offer you at amazingly discounted prices.

Please feel free to look through the list of offers, and if any call to you, then do what you are drawn to do.

In love and gratitude for your willingness to play full out in your life!

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show specials and packages


Co-create Your Reality special offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers
Raquel Spencer
Over 13 hours of energy activations and tools to assist you with embodying the highest frequencies of Light. Each of the one hour transmissions are unique and are divided into two groups: the first group has a Heart Based theme, while the second group has a Galactic Based theme.


noah st. john, afformations, abundance, positive thinking

AFFORMATIONS: The missing piece to abundance

noah st. john, afformations, abundance, dump your head trash, the secret code to successNoah St. John •
Listen, watch and learn as Noah St. John, expert on how to dump your head trash, teaches you his simple system for have more abundance and well-being in just 5 minutes a day.

Ascension Acceleration Programspecial offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers
ascention acceleration, creation formula, jarrad hewitt,, hologramJarrad
Learn how to Experience the Ascension now by breaking thru old paradigms, shedding limiting beliefs, and reprogramming your energy so that you can literally create the life you want, now!

BioEnergetics of Manifestingdr. sue morter, morter institute, healing
dr. sue morter, show special, show package, special offer, morter institute
Dr. Sue
Use the power of quantum mechanics, meditation and BioEnergetics, to remove subconscious interference in your personal energy fields and move the flow of your life toward manifesting your most profound goals and visions.


special offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers Emotion Code Transformation Package
dr. bradley nelson, emotion code, show special, special offer, darius barazandeh, you wealth revolution, jennifer mclean, healing with the masters, healers library, body codeDr. Bradley NelsonEmotion Code
Discover the secrets to transform your life today…
This comprehensive package contains everything
you need to experience the transformative power
of The Emotion Code for one low price!


special offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offersEmotional-Mental Detox Package
reality crafting institute, suzanna kennedy, consciousness 2.0, darius barazendeh, show special, special offerSuzanna KennedyReality Crafting Institute
Traditionally, raising consciousness was a slow,
arduous, mysterious task, accessible to a select
few. Not now. Consciousness 2.0 is quick, easy,
graceful and available for those who are ready willing and able
to benefit from this consciousness technology.


Holographic Transformation: Reprogram your Matrix special offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers
for Abundance and Relationships

mashhur anam, mashhur anam special offer, life harmonized, holographic toolsMashhur Anam •
Experience 6 different Holographic Tools & Programs designed to work directly with your consciousness and personal matrix to update the projection of your reality and assist you to make dramatic shifts in your life. Plus receive access to some exclusive interviews and meditations created on our Sunday Morning Calls.


Infinity Wave Program: A New Energetic Union
of Love, special offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offersLife and Self

infinity wave special offerH
ope Fitzgerald
This special offer gives you an invaluable tool with the power to rewrite your existence, tap into you and make a permanent evolutionary leap, achieve a greater sense of consciousness, and never feel as though life is out of your control again.


Money, Magic & Miracles:  special offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers
heart money, money magic and miracles, amethyst wyldfyreAmethyst Wyldfyre
Just imagine what it would be like for you to be in such harmony with money that anytime you desired to receive money you could almost instantly manifest it? The truth is – it’s time to value yourself, your message and your business at a much higher level, and this potent 21 Day program show you how!!! It is a must have for EVERY inspired entrepreneur!


Quantum Powers and Beyond: Break-free from a life  special offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers, victor da ponte, quantum reprogramming, quantum powers
entangled in the illusion of lack, limitation and separation

victor da ponte, quantum reprogramming, quantum powers, Victor Da
This power packed course will show you how to:
• Access your true power
• Unlock your unlimited potential
• Utilizing the true power of your mind, and so much more!






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