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Tapping Into the Energy of Infinite Possibility

Rikka Zimmerman ~ Soul Freedom on nrQi Radio

What if magic and miracles were you Divine birthright. What if all you had to do to allow them was to say YES?

On Wednesday’s truly inspired and deeply moving show, we explored what soul freedom looks like and how to experience it fully in your life.

The day before Independence day felt like the perfect day to welcome the delightful, expansive and joyful Rikka Zimmerman to the show to share with us the depths of possibility that lay within. And boy did she ever!!

If you are ready to:

• Free your soul from judgment, suffering, resistance and pain

• Learn what true freedom feels like

• Release and let go of limiting beliefs

• Step into new possibilities

Then you will want to listen in on this special episode!! And if you want more great conversations like this, visit our site where you can hear more from today’s cutting edge personal transformation coaches and speakers!