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Tapping Into the Energy of Infinite Possibility

RSSPOFOver 13 hours of energy activations and tools to assist you with embodying the highest frequencies of Light


This amazing special offer from Raquel Spencer is designed to:

  • Upshift Your Divine Vehicle in Just 4 Minutes a Day
  • Increased Connection To Your Higher Self
  • Expanded Awareness of Your Divine Vehicle
  • Increased Integration of the Latest Light Codes Available for your
    Awakening and Conscious Connection to Your Divine Essence
  • Upshifting Your Energetic Systems to Embody Your Own Unique
    Essence and Light
  • Learning to Co-create for Optimum Energy Integration
  • Tools To Expand Your Natural Abilities and Gifts
  • Assistance to See, Feel, Hear and Experience Energies at a Whole New Level
  • Experience Higher and Higher Levels of Light to Assist You With Your Personal Journey of Self Awareness and Connection to Divine Source
  • Expanding Your Ability to Receive Direct Guidance From YOUR Higher
    Self In Every Now Moment
  • Co-create the experience of Living in Divine Flow
  • Learn Quick and Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Vehicle to Embody Light as Information, Knowledge and Wisdom

Total Retail Value of over $400 for $97



Intro to Cellular Light Upgrades

13 Hours of Multi-Dimensional Energy Transmissions. Each of the one hour transmissions are unique, and are divided into two groups. The first group has a Heart Based theme, while the second group has a Galactic Based theme.

These energy activations are VERY physical in nature. When you infuse this level of Light into the physical cells, your body will respond. For some, that may come in the form of a detoxification. You may feel the need for more rest, more nutrient dense foods, etc. Please listen to your own guidance and give your body what it needs to embody the highest level of Light possible.  Also, please do not be surprised if you life begins to dramatically shift.

It is helpful to stay as conscious as possible during the transmissions. Of course always follow your own guidance, but the goal is to be able to embody the highest levels of Light frequencies and codes possible, continuously without the need to be in an altered state to integrate them. These transmissions are designed to assist you to fully embody your highest level of Light and Wisdom, and bring you into alignment with YOUR highest potential.


Item 1

Reconnection to Your Hearts Desire MP3 (Value: $25)
This energy activation brought in the template and sacred geometries to help re-connect you to your original heart’s desires in this lifetime. The more we align to our true desires and reason for being, the more fulfilled we become in our daily lives.

Item 2

Sing Your Heart to Humanity MP3 (Value: $25)
This was a beautiful and powerful transmission of Heart energy. As a group synergy of Light, codes from our individualized expressions, infused and supported by our Galactic essences, we pulsed Light for all of humanity out into the grids around Gaia to support humanities awakening.

Item 3

Essence of Self Love MP3 (Value: $25)
The gentleness and serenity I felt after this transmission is deep and truly welcomed. I hope you feel it as well. The gold energy will continue to integrate into your body until it feels as normal and natural as ever. The liquid gold is a very powerful frequency and one that will have many positive effects on all your bodies… physical, emotional, mental, etc.  The quality of the recording is not the greatest, but the energy is there.  Just relax and allow the frequencies to move through you!

Item 4

Divine Feminine Sacred Geometry Activation MP3 (Value: $25)
This was an activation to help embody the frequency of compassion.  During this transmission we upgraded and activated sacred geometry of the Divine Feminine frequencies within your systems. Compassion is an essential component to moving into a new reality.

Item 5

Return of Innocence Through Divine Grace MP3 (Value: $25)
This transmission brought through codes and energies to assist with your personal healing of Unconditional Love for Self.  Re-installing the unique frequency of Divine Innocence, these codes are designed to bring you back into a state of child like innocence – to the place before we forgot we were anything but Divine Light.

Item 6

High Heart ~ Creativity Code Activation MP3 (Value: $25)
This energy transmission focused on activating the codes of creativity and bridging them with the high heart and creative mind within your system.  This enhances your ability to connect with your own creativity and to be able to express it more fully in your world.

Item 7

Pineal Activation ~ Next Level of Functionality MP3 (Value: $25)
The Spring Equinox of 2012 turned out to be a very powerful day indeed! We are truly in the Galactic Alignment of 2012.  The energies and Light codes are accessible to facilitate your awakening and Shift in Consciousness. As a Master Healer of Cellular Light, it is my honor to facilitate these deep and profound activations. On April 20, 2012 the next level of activation for the Pineal gland became available.  The Light Codes to instruct your pineal gland to shift into the next level of its multi-dimensional functionality is here and waiting for you to integrate fully into your own body and matrix. The pineal gland has long be heralded as ‘A Key’ to establishing Conscious Connection with the Divine.  Keep your vehicle for awakening updated! This powerful energy transmission activations the Pineal Gland to it’s next level of multi-dimensional functionality.  Please make sure to take care of your body after this activation. Please move 1 minute 4 seconds into the recording to begin!

Item 8

Adrenal System Body Support MP3  (Value: $25)
This energy transmission focused on support for the eyes, adrenal and nervous system during this time of heightened energy influx.

Item 9

New Harmonics Chakra Activation MP3 (Value: $25)
This transmission brought through new sacred geometry and grid systems to help your physical and energetic bodies handle and embody the New Harmonic Sound Frequencies that are now available.  The portals for the New Harmonics to anchor onto the planet started back on the Winter Solstice, 2011.  These new frequencies are part of the infrastructure that will be the building blocks to create at a entirely new level.

Item 10

Cellular Codes of Regeneration MP3 (Value: $25)
This transmission brings through deep cellular regeneration codes which are infused and encoded into the body.  These codes and knowledge have been in safe keeping, waiting to activate when the human form and consciousness were able to integrate the wisdom and Light at the dawn of the New Age.

Item 11

Deep Purification of Base Energies MP3 (Value: $25)
This was a deep cellular purification releasing distorted energies within the base chakra. This healing will enable you to hold the next level of unity consciousness within your matrix.

This includes a releasing and sacred ceremony with the Native American shamans to assist with clearing the discordant energies from the Trail of Tears, Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu to heal the illusion of separation and duality within the consciousness of humanity.

Item 12

Lucent Light Code MP3 (Value: $25)
It is hard to describe all that transpired… between the “sounding of the group symphony of Light,” to the 5000 sacred geometric codes that were embedded into your fields, to the group portal star gates that released codes to and from each other.   This was a powerful transmission.  Please know that the integration of this transmission may take days or even weeks.

Bonus Tools

Daily Infusions MP3 & PDF (Priceless…)
First and what I believe is one of the most powerful offerings in this package is the Daily Infusions of Light.  I want to be very clear that these are NOT affirmations, but rather instructions and conscious co-creation with your Divine Vehicle.  Your body is your vehicle for awakening.  It is extremely important that your body be upgraded to integrate and interpret all the Light information that is now available for you.  By approaching this as a daily communication and conversation with the trillions of conscious cells within your body, you are becoming more actively involved in your conscious awakening.  This will compliment everything else you are doing to facilitate your connection to your Higher Self.

Vow Break PDF
This works on the understanding that everything has its own unique frequency.  This vow break is something everyone should have in their tool box.  This works to clear energetic blockages throughout all time and space.  Please make sure to read the instructions carefully.  The wording is very specific and each unique frequency must be addressed separately to obtain the results you are looking for.

Multi-Dimensional Upshift of Your Organs & Glands
This energy transmission is one I recommend listening to as often as you are guided.  Each time you listen you will facilitate the upshift of your organs and glands.  Your body is your only vehicle for awakening. Provide it with all the support it needs.

Total Retail Value of over $400 for $97