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Wednesday, February 26th @ 2pm (ET)
Sandra Champlain

.We Don’t Die
For over 15 years, Sandra Champlain has been exploring the truth about life, death, grief, and what might lie beyond. Her deepest desire is to empower you with the information she has gleaned, and to give you tools and resources to help you find the path back to your own aliveness. 

Sandra has been a skeptic all her life. But a persistent fear of death and dying led her to research what might alleviate that pain. What she discovered, studied, tested and confirmed through those years has brought her so much purpose, understanding and peace that it is her deep desire and passion to share it with everyone.

About Our Guest
Sandra Champlain is a highly respected speaker, author and entrepreneur committed to making a difference in the lives of others. She is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and at 25 years old, opened Kent Coffee & Chocolate Company, located in Kent, Connecticut. Since 1986 she has chefed for world-class race car teams in the American LeMans Series and Grand-Am series.  She and her mother, Marion, own Marion’s Hospitality and together they provide delicious, nurturing meals to the hard-working mechanics, drivers and service people on race car tours around the country.

Sandra is also the co-host of “Diamonds In Your Own Backyard” radio show, a radio show that empowers entrepreneurs, and author of We Don’t Die.


February 5th
., abraham hicks, channel, seven seals of consciousness, blogtalkradioDuring a near death experience Brad Wallis was visited by a Higher Light Teaching Group named Julius.  They provided Brad with incredible information for humans regarding why our existence here came to be, and what our souls are doing on this plane.  Brad was able to question his purpose with Julius, they were so kind and loving in their willingness to offer information to him. He discovered things about himself that he could not access in his Human from.  Brads communications with this group moved his believing in himself into knowing of himself.  Feeling the need to continue his accessibility to Julius, Brad requested that they continue their communications with him upon his return to this realm.

Immediately following Brads return, his wife Kasey began to Channel Julius.  These conversations were so profound in their expansive progression.  Conversations that lead to the connection with their Souls. Being able to break barriers that had held the human experience in such limitation.

These conversations astounded them at first, but soon led to their ability to provide live forums in which the audience was provided information about their experiences as well.  Transforming lives and expanding the mind in ways that each was seeking in their lives.  Julius was able to reach out through Kasey’s channeling to exchange energy and wisdom.

Bringing information to the masses is Brad and Kasey’s journey this time around.  Believing that the communication with Julius can and will transform lives in ways like never before.  Wisdom in consciousness, expansion, ascension, and finally mastering this realm.

Allowing others to know what their journey is about and how to become the highest version of themselves.  No longer living in lack and need.  Join them in these powerful teachings and discussions were you can ask the question ‘Why”.


January 29th
Dr. Bradley Nelson

.dr bradley nelson, emotion code,, energy healing, chiropractor, The Body Code System for Ultimate Energy Healing and Body Balancing System, release blocks, correct the underlying imbalancesEver wondered what it would be like to…

•Wake up feeling powerful and youthful?
• Wake up next to your soulmate every morning?
• Wake up with total clarity, passion and excitement about your life?

On today’s show, Dr. Bradley Nelson will share with you…
Join us for some inspiring conversation with Dr. Nelson as he shares with us cutting edge, valuable information that will help you use the newest technology to heal your body, mind and relationships, such as:

• The secrets to creating healthy relationships that last
• Why some people live ordinary lives and others extraordinary lives
• The incredible breakthrough of The Body Code™ mindmapping system
• Emotional blocks stored in the body and how to get rid of them
• That the Subconscious Mind knows everything that’s really wrong with you
• How to tap into the Subconscious Mind to get answers instantly
• How to remove emotional pain and prosperity blocks, easily and quickly

About our Guest
Dr. Bradley Nelson is the developer of the most advanced form of energy medicine on the planet. A holistic Chiropractic Physician and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology.

His bestselling book, “The Emotion Code”, is helping people all over the world to improve their lives by ridding themselves of their imbalancing emotional baggage. Users of The Emotion Code technique have found freedom from emotional problems such as depression and anxiety, as well as physical problems including fatigue, pain and disease. A key element of The Emotion Code is removing emotional baggage that has clustered around the heart, interfering with ones ability to find love and success. Dr. Nelson has coined this cluster of emotions, the “Heart-Wall,” and it has been called “the most important discovery in the history of energy medicine.”

In 2009 he channeled his life’s work into a simple yet powerful self-study course known as, “The Body Code” system, which teaches students how to balance the body in these 6 key areas. The Body Code is being used successfully by doctors and laypeople alike to improve the health of thousands of people all over the world.

To find out more about The Emotion Code and The Body Code, visit Dr. Nelson on, a membership site providing instructional videos, books, articles, live webinars and more.


Wednesday, January 22nd @ 2pm (ET)

DougallFraserDougall Fraser is a Life Coach and psychic in Los Angeles. He has been featured on The Dr. Phil Show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, Dancing with the Stars, and was co-host of That Sex Show on LOGO TV.  Dougall has been recognized as a top psychic by Spin magazine and The New York Post.  The self titled “Queer Guy with A Third Eye,” he is the author of the bestselling book, But You Knew That Already: What a Psychic Can Teach You About Life.  Fraser counsels people all around the world, blending his unique combination of New Age practices with grounded advice.



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Previous Episodes


DrJaffeSPOFJanuary 15th
Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

drjaffeManifesting Your Brilliance
Many spiritual people are aware that within themselves they have something special to share. They know that they have a destiny to help change the world and to bring some aspect of divinity to the people.

It is important to discover the inner issues that are restricting you from your divine purpose. The first discovery is knowing that if your inner child is held, loved, valued and cared about, there can be a tremendous energy that opens up within you.

We must uncover the nature of our inner gifts and what is keeping them from true expression. How can we find, open and express the deeper fitra (inner nature) within ourselves?

And we also must understand how to implement these gifts in a way that deeply aligns with God so that we can bring them out into the world.

When you truly unlock your brilliance, your life will begin to unfold in a way that allows you to access and realize the success you are meant to have.

About our Guest
Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD, is President of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism (formerly the Jaffe Institute). He is a gifted master healer and master teacher who has helped thousands to heal from many spiritual and physical diseases including cancer, AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses. Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe is a licensed medical doctor, who for the last 25 years has pioneered advanced energetic and spiritual healing in the West.

Ibrahim offers a unique and comprehensive synthesis of medical, energetic, and spiritual healing. He has helped thousands of people to find lasting love, mercy, and compassion which he brings to every situation. He has dedicated his life to creating world peace through bringing people into the reality of Divine Love.


Monday, January 13th
Bonus Edition ~ Unlock Your Abundance Matrix
with Mashhur Anam & Kristen Webster

Are You Ready to Master Your Abundance Beliefs?2014AbundanceMandala3D

  • Do you wake up in the morning feeling hopeless, overwhelmed or out of control of your life and your finances?
  • Do you feel stuck in a relationship, job or situation because you are dependent on the income that it provides?
  • Do you spend your days doing so much for so many others that you have lost sight of who YOU truly are?
  • Do you know that you have a greater purpose, but feel so trapped on the hamster wheel of “simply surviving” that you don’t have any time, space or extra money to begin fulfilling it?
  • Do you believe that money creates greed and that to be truly spiritual, or to live a spiritual life you must go without it?
  • Do you know that magic and miracles are possible and want to remember how to create them in your life?

If you answered YES
to any (or all of these questions) you are absolutely not alone! And… we have prepared an exciting call to help you!!

Join us for this special episode tonight as Mashhur Anam of Life Harmonized and Kristen Webster of nrQi Radio share with you fun tools and processes and activate a stronger abundance matrix for 2014!!

To find out more about this exciting program, visit
Unlock Your Abundance Matrix


January 8th
Lynn McGonagill

lynn mcgonagill, lightworkers method, healing, soul, angels, avatarsLynn McGonagill is the Founder and Teaching Channel of the Lightworkers Healing Method™. To date, she has invested twenty-three years in training with higher-dimension Avatars. For the past thirteen years, she has maintained a full time Lightworkers Healing Method™ practice working with thousands of clients. And for the past six years, she has taught this unique and powerful Angelically guided energy healing art through a progressive series of experiential weekend workshops at various locations including Kripalu and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Her first book, The Lightworkers Healing Method: BE Who Your Soul Wants You To Be, is a how-to manual of the Lightworkers Healing Method™ core curriculum.

Yes, she channels Higher Dimension teachers like Esther Hicks channels Abraham. Yes, she heals people just like John of God. But the most amazing thing about her is that she teaches other people to do the same thing. She is creating a WAVE of Esther Hicks/John of God healer-channelers. Her mission? To help everyone to live their own missions, their own soul plans. To help everyone BE who their souls came here to be, and become part of the transformation.

Prior to dedicating herself to her work with the higher-dimension Avatars to channel this healing method, Lynn had a successful 20-year career in business. She began that career at the prestigious Price Waterhouse Accounting firm, was the Controller with a $200 million manufacturing company, and was a partner in another CPA (Accounting) firm.


January 1st
Mashhur Anam


Mashhur-Anam-Special-OfferMashhur Anam is an alchemist of life transformation who is guided by a belief and deep knowing that anything is possible. Over the years, curiosity, exploration and a desire to help humanity raise its collective consciousness, have guided him to explore the holographic nature of our universe and uncover a multitude of algorithms and equations that create and design our reality as we know it.

Mashhur’s background in technology, coupled with extensive exploration of our multi-dimensional existence has helped him to bring forth holographic tools and programs such as The Rings of Harmony, The Harmonic Shield, The Holographic Vision Board, Liquid Luck and more. They are complex in nature but at the same time, easy to use, allowing anyone from any background to launch and work with them.

In the last few years, Mashhur has developed holographic tools and programs for computer industries, retail stores, garments industries and natural health product development and marketing companies in Asia and North America to expand, create environmental harmony through holographic feng shui, increase sales and revenue, attract more business and create better relationships among employees and clients. The holographic tools and programs are also used by thousands of people all over the world to transform issues and redesign reality.


December 25th
Susann Taylor Shier

A very special Christmas Edition of nrQi Radio!
As always, it is our goal and mission to bring you the best speakers, tools and information to help you create lasting change in your life.

This Christmas we wanted to share with you a beautiful call with Susann Taylor Shier on finding home for the holidays.

About Our Guest

SusannSusann Taylor Shier is a highly established and gifted international author, speaker, and intuitive counselor who teaches how to access and live from the magnificence of your soul gifts, strengths and purpose in this world. With over 35 years in the healing arts, Susann is committed to inspire the revelation of each person’s inherent wealth.

As a master of intuitive connection, Susann’s soul level coaching opens you to build the bridge from your soulful and heart-centered self to the vibrant, joyful expression of life, allowing your destiny to be seen, supported and fulfilled.

She is known as the muse for the heart and soul and provides in-depth intuitive counseling for individuals and couples who want profound and dramatic transformation.

Susann has a B.A. in Psychology and is a certified Body Alignment Therapist, Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Attunement Practioner. She was registered with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) as a psychotherapist for over 17 years. Susann is also trained in Cellular Release, Craniosacral Therapy and is a licensed Avatar Master.

As a master of intuitive connection who uses the tools that Spirit has revealed to her in her own life, Susann’s powerful teachings bridge the soulful and heart-centered self to the vibrant, joyful expression of life – allowing your destiny to be seen and fulfilled.
Click here for Susann’s FREE GIFT


December 18th

12daysnrqiWe are sending you much love and big hugs for the holiday season. Due to a last minute scheduling conflict, we will not have a live show today! Be sure to come back and visit us on Christmas Day when we will be airing a special episode with Susann Taylor Shier. And, in the meantime, we encourage you to visit the 12 Days of Giving to listen to 13 phenomenal gifts for the holiday season!!!


December 11th
Dianne Collins

DianneCollins“If you want to think in a new way, you have to challenge your own thinking, your own ideas, your own beliefs about the way things ‘are’.”  

Are you ready to QUANTUMTHINK®?
QuantumThink is a new system of thinking for mastering effectiveness in a changing world. The most important thing you can ever learn is the connection between your thinking and your results. Any result you ever want to accomplish–whether for your business, your world, your community or yourself–requires some level of mastery with your mind. Happily, the one thing you and I have complete authority over is our very own mind. To command our own mind with elegance, ease and grace, this is a great accomplishment.

About Our Guest
Dianne Collins has devoted her life’s mission to the question: what is the access to creating the results we truly desire?

She is a modern visionary, an original thinker, an authority in new world view thinking and the creator and author of the QuantumThink® system of thinking, an unprecedented body of knowledge based in the principles of quantum science and universal laws applied as practical wisdom in all areas of life. Her highly acclaimed new book, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World, is achieving popular viral status; as was stated by renowned attorney, Roy Black, “This book should be required reading by all literate human beings.”

Dianne is a graduate of the University of Miami in Philosophy and Psychology and a lifelong student of Siddha Yoga and numerous leading edge modalities and models that make life better and more joyful. Her varied experiences as a Fortune 100 corporate manager, an award-winning photographic artist, a video producer, and currently as a consultant to business executives and entrepreneurs, all contribute to her extraordinary gift of originality and ability to express complex universal subjects in clear and powerful ways that benefit people instantly. She provides a big picture view that makes sense of the changes all around us and makes it entertaining and enjoyable to think effectively in sync with today’s world.


December 5th
Norma Hollis

norma hollis,, joy, vibrant, transformation, spirituallity,Claim your Power with Vibrant, Authentic JOY
Transformational artist Norma T. Hollis knows how to help people change their life. She spent 30 years studying human energy systems from personal, professional and spiritual perspectives. The result is a transformational program that helps people answer the question ‘Who Am I?’ and ‘Why Am I Here?’ Norma’s vast wisdom, insightful nature, gentle spirit and passionate spirituality make her a very popular intuitive who will ‘read’ you and provide feedback that is deeply spiritual and masterfully practical. Known as America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor®, Norma offers Mental Medicine Meditations and Authentic Joy Prescriptions that will give you the guidance and clarity to find, live and share your power with vibrant and authentic JOY.

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November 27th
Jon Griffin

jon griffin music manGratitude, love and hugs ~ OH My!
It is so hard to believe that November is almost over and we are rushing headlong toward the end of the year! But this is such a spectacular time of year for so many reasons, and one of my favorite reasons is because we get to play in gratitude, in love and in possibility!

And, with tomorrow being Thanksgiving, we get to play in gratitude with one of the coolest gratitude~vibin’ guys I know, sound healer, composer and modern-day motivator Jon Griffin!

Jon will be joining us today to share his thoughts on gratitude and helps us to slip into a little holiday joy!

About Our Guest
Jon Griffin is a modern-day motivator and composer whose words and music reach the heart in profound ways. With nearly three decades of experience, Jon merges various styles of acoustic and electric music with ambient sounds, binaural beats and brain wave activations. Jon’s philosophy is that sound is a tremendous healer that can not only reach the heart but can energetically vibrate with all parts of the body while simultaneously calming the mind and stimulating the soul.

With early interests in art, expression, sound and philosophy paired with a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Jon has traveled the globe studying cultures, speaking and connecting with people everywhere and listening to the sounds of the planet. From the bustling streets of New York City to the sacred hums of Nepal, Jon taps into inspiration from the moment-to-moment happenings within and with all.

Jon is deeply committed to the advancement of human potential and a paradigm shift in peoples relationship with their own love and fear, Jon believes in creating “a safe, creative environment” for his listeners to channel their own internal melody and healing through the music he creates. His passion for sound brings forth music infused with intentions to guide and encourage people to deepen their heart connection.


November 20th
Tori Hartman

torihartmanTori Hartman is a world renowned psychic, author and spiritual teacher. As the author of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck (scheduled to release June 2014 via Watkins Publishing UK),Tori’s latest endeavor, Multi-Generational Healing, continues to promote what has always been the key to her success; The spiritual empowerment, healing and education of people. She believes that in order to heal and manifest our heart’s desires we need to incorporate our family legacy to find our soul’s purpose and live with a deep sense of belonging.

When thinking about her deeply troubled mom, Tori says, “Life taught me that the deep wounds inflicted upon some of us as children are Spirit’s way of leaving us open to receive messages. We are given the gift of wounds to assist others in their healing.”

For over a decade now Tori Hartman has been promoting the empowerment of individuals along with acceptance of their intuition to make decisions.

Tori teaches people how to see the bigger picture while unveiling their hidden family agreements, and therefore finding their part in the tapestry of their family, as well as their purpose and inherited gifts.

Tori guarantees, “The door you enter through will not be the door from which you exit.”


November 13th
Mashhur Anam


Mashhur-Anam-Special-OfferMashhur Anam is an alchemist of life transformation who is guided by a belief and deep knowing that anything is possible. Over the years, curiosity, exploration and a desire to help humanity raise its collective consciousness, have guided him to explore the holographic nature of our universe and uncover a multitude of algorithms and equations that create and design our reality as we know it.

Mashhur’s background in technology, coupled with extensive exploration of our multi-dimensional existence has helped him to bring forth holographic tools and programs such as The Rings of Harmony, The Harmonic Shield, The Holographic Vision Board, Liquid Luck and more. They are complex in nature but at the same time, easy to use, allowing anyone from any background to launch and work with them.

In the last few years, Mashhur has developed holographic tools and programs for computer industries, retail stores, garments industries and natural health product development and marketing companies in Asia and North America to expand, create environmental harmony through holographic feng shui, increase sales and revenue, attract more business and create better relationships among employees and clients. The holographic tools and programs are also used by thousands of people all over the world to transform issues and redesign reality.



November 6th

lorraine cohen, powerful living, life coach, inspirational speaker, broadcast personality, transform gifts, intuitionFounder of Powerfull Living, Lorraine Cohen is an internationally recognized life strategist, spiritual guide, inspirational speaker, and charismatic broadcast personality. She uses her extraordinary spiritual and intuitive gifts to empower her clients to transform fear, release their burdens, and liberate their True Self.

For more than 25 years, Lorraine has assisted thousands of people worldwide to live a life that is ‘awake and authentic’ and to create a reality that is conscious, deliberate and meaningful

Her warm and inspiring  presentation style makes her a sought after public speaker, media guest, and workshop leader engaging audiences worldwide. Humanity’s awakening is her deepest prayer and commitment.


October 30th

PaulFletcherPaul Fletcher is a Healer, Teacher and “Life Coach for the Soul Journey”. He is dedicated his life to serve humanity and all souls in all universes.

The Divine Creator has blessed humanity with many wise masters, and Paul’s Teacher, Master Sha is one such blessing the creator has sent to humanity during these troubled times. Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a tireless and dedicated servant to humanity. He brings with him ancient and previously secret wisdom teachings that explain in clear and easy to implement ways on how to connect with and move your Soul’s journey forward.

As a Master Teacher and Healer, Paul has received multiple certifications from the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment. He has been blessed to receive extremely powerful and effective healing and teaching transmissions including the following:

  • Tao Soul Song Healer
  • Master Healer and Teacher
  • Soul Healer and Teacher
  • Divine Direct Soul Communicator
  • 1000 layer Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer
  • Over 1000 Divine and Tao transmissions that have healing and teaching capabilities



October 23rd

eric altmanFor over twenty years, Eric has taught spiritual seekers and non-seekers alike a clear, simple, and dynamic path to healing and awakening. He works from the premise that awakening is simple, practical, and down-to-earth. His teachings transcend dogma and are not confined to any one spiritual tradition. Eric holds that there is nothing to add to ourselves, nothing we lack. We are all capable and ready to heal and awaken our true selves, and live in wholeness and harmony.

Eric’s first experiences with his healing energy go back to his childhood when he began noticing that placing his attention on others brought about a positive change in their natures. “I noticed good things happening without my seemingly doing anything. I could see healing take places. I just began to watch and listen to people closely. I could see their hurt, but I also realized that there was nothing wrong with them to begin with. There was really nothing to fix. But by listening to them and becoming fully aware of them, they seemed to feel better. This was when it became clear to me that people often ignore their own hearts and intuitions, and that this was what stood in the way of wholeness.”

After several profound spiritual openings and experiences that radically expanded his awareness, Eric began helping people to release the painful ideas they held about themselves and that held them back from living fully. He has a foot in two worlds, working on both an energetic and practical level to help people help themselves.


Hope Fitzgerald Special OfferOctober 9th
Hope Fitzgerald
hope fitzgeraldSince her spiritual awakening at the Findhorn Foundation in 1976, Hope Fitzgerald has been a dedicated seeker of truth, healing and wisdom. For 15 years, her expertise in spiritual dowsing has helped people transform their lives. In 2010, she was directed through channeling to launch a series of workshops introducing an energetic called The Infinity Wave. These Wave Energy Evolution workshops are comprised of powerful practices that have help many participants to create miraculous healing breakthroughs. In 2011, Hope launched the Wave Energy Center for Conscious Evolution, dedicated to the positive, expansive development of the individual, the community and the earth. In late 2012, Hope debuted on the 11th season of Healing with the Masters with Jennifer McLean, launching a global platform to teach people the Infinity Wave.

Hope also conducts group sacred travel to various locations around the globe, such as England, France, Ireland and the U.S. During these adventure workshops, she teaches ways to communicate with the earth and each other, believing that when the powerhouse of the human heart interacts with a highly-charged sacred site, an alchemy occurs that is guaranteed to cause a shift in consciousness.

Hope has a private practice as a certified Neurofeedback Practitioner, an Intuitive Dowser and a Life Coach, while also incorporating Reiki and energy healing into her practice.


October 2nd
The Thrive Doctors

thrive doctors, heal yourself, unleashing the physician within, how to heal yourselfThe Thrive Doctor’s are turning our beliefs about what is possible for our health, our happiness and our lives completely around. Their practical approach to medicine and healing is designed to help people with illness, pain and fatigue activate their body’s ability to heal itself so they can experience freedom, passion and success…without medications.

Join us on today’s show and learn more about the 3 Truths Most Doctors Won’t Tell You!

About Our Guests
Dr. Kim D’Eramo and Dr. Mario Torres-Leon co-founded The Thrive Doctors to teach the science of the mind, and how we heal.  They bring practical tools for self-healing and personal transformation.  Their seminars and online programs bring people through a process of personal evolution using the mind-body connection.  Dr. Kim and Dr. Mario have a mission to evolve the current medical model to one that supports and assists everyone in living in passion and prosperity.

Kimberly D’Eramo, D.O. is a board certified in Emergency Medicine and practices osteopathic manipulative medicine in the Boston area. She completed her residency training at Emory University in Atlanta, and has intensely studied the principles of success and how they apply to our health.

Mario Torres-Leon, MD is a board certified Interventional Radiologist practicing in the Boston area. He grew up in Puerto Rico and completed his medical training in Radiology at Yale University, and his specialty training at Harvard University. His extensive leadership training is now applied to his work, empowering patients to heal.



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