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Wowzer! We have met such amazing guests and sampled so many products, that we just have to share! Every week we check in with our guests and tap into the marketplace to assess the best products and tools out there to assist you on your journey.

When we find something we really love, we post it here for you to look at. So check the list! If you find something that resonates with you, great! If not, that’s okay too. Feel free to check in weekly after every show, or whenever you feel drawn, to see what’s new!

In love and light!

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An nrQi Radio Exclusive Offer

Abundance Mandala Pendantabundance, rock your abundance, matrix, mandala, healing, abundance matrix
Designed by Kristen Webster of nrQi Radio and Supergized™ by Mashhur Anam of Life Harmonized This unique Abundance Mandala Pendant was designed to embody the multi-dimentional matrix and vibration of abundance.

Throughout history, Mandala’s have been used to enhance and enrich our lives. They represent wholeness and our natural relationship to the infinite.Each custom created pendant is energetically enhanced using new Visionary Holographic Technology created by Mashhur Anam of, and will assist you in amplifying and aligning your relationship to abundance in all areas of your life.

They are set in a 1 1/8″ silver plated bezel and covered with a glass dome
to enhance the color and amplify the energy and design. They come complete with a 16″ (adjustable to 18″) double black leather cord with silver plated clasp.

Rock Your Abundance Mandala               
Regular Price $55.00                                Limited time offer $34.55
(please select the shipping option that is correct for you)



mashhur anam, life harmonized, kristen webster, nrqi radio, unity, 2012, ascension, love, healing, 12 21, 21 december 21,, nrqiradio.com12.21.12 Unity Seriesspecial offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers

Kristen Webster of nrQi Radio and Mashhur Anam of Life Harmonized join forces to bring you 4 power packed meditations designed and recorded during the powerful 12.21 alignment to help you integrate and leverage the new energies of 2013. These meditations which include new holographic matrixes for Healing, Love & Joy, Harmony & Purity, and Unity Consciousness, are perfect for listening to all year long!!
On sale now for $12.21


 Access Consciousness

Want to go deep dish with Access? special offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers

We love the Gold Club for that reason! What if you are truly a gift
to the world and all those whose lives you touch? Access Consciousness
is pragmatic. It’s practical and easy to use in your daily life. Access Consciousness will invite you to question your entire reality and invite you
to go beyond the limitations everyone else make so real.

Becoming a Club Gold member is a dive into the deep end of infinite possibilities and discovering how to function as the infinite being you truly are, as oneness with everyone and everything, communion with the earth and being the consciousness you truly are, that includes everything and judges nothing – including you!


Dawn Clark

Are you ready to claim the life you’ve always wanted?noah st. john, afformations, abundance, dump your head trash, the secret code to success
dawn clark,, essential upgrade, unlock your potential, change your broadcast change your lifeLearn how to get unstuck and turn fleeting
fortune into sustained abundance and a life filled with success. Essential Upgrade 2.0 is backed by state-of-the-art research It reveals how we can identify and overwrite the negative programming and morphogenetic ‘viruses’ that are holding us back.


Noah St. John

Get Unstuck Now!noah st. john, afformations, abundance, dump your head trash, the secret code to success
Get unstuck now, Noah St. John, afformations, build your business, life coachDo you sometimes feel stuck? Is there not enough time to do the things you want? Are you not attracting the right people or making enough money to justify the hard work you’re putting in? This amazing series from Noah is just the ticket you need!


Quantum Lightweaving

Kenji Kumara’s 3-day Intensivespecial offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers
kenji kumara, pure blue ice, quantum lightweavingQuantum Lightweaving (QL) is a self-empowering process that allows you to experience “Waves” of Divine Grace to heal physical, mental, and emotional issues and awaken the Divine in you. This course is designed to teach you how to give healing
Waves to yourself and others.


Reality Crafting Institute

Suzanna Kennedy’s Emotional~Mental Detox Programspecial offers, telesummit show package, telesummit special offers
A quick, easy, graceful way to detoxify the painful memories to transcend negative thoughts and feelings. Enjoy the inner peace and clarity you were born to know. Embody the True New You that’s been waiting all along.




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