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Norma Hollis ~ Claim Your Power with Vibrant, Authentic JOY!

norma hollis,, joy, vibrant, transformation, spirituallity,Transformational artist Norma T. Hollis knows how to help people change their life. She spent 30 years studying human energy systems from personal, professional and spiritual perspectives. The result is a transformational program that helps people answer the question ‘Who Am I?’ and ‘Why Am I Here?’ Norma’s vast wisdom, insightful nature, gentle spirit and passionate spirituality make her a very popular intuitive who will ‘read’ you and provide feedback that is deeply spiritual and masterfully practical. Known as America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor®, Norma offers Mental Medicine Meditations and Authentic Joy Prescriptions that will give you the guidance and clarity to find, live and share your power with vibrant and authentic JOY.