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Learn The Art of Raising Frequency™ with guest Barbara Evans

“Raising our vibrational frequency is the key to Raising Consciousness, Awakening our Divine Blueprint and connecting with our True Self.”

~Barbara Evans

Barbara EvansOn today’s show we will be speaking with Barbara Evans of Crystal Wings Healing Arts, who will be here to share with us her beautiful information and techniques for raising our frequency called The Eden Method.

The Eden Method uses transformational art to raise Frequency and Consciousness, both on a personal level and within an environment. The placement of specific images within a home, workplace, Healing Center or Organization will raise the frequency of a space. Within such a space, all present are encouraged to raise their consciousness, become more aware of their possibilities and highest potential. The Eden Method goes beyond Feng Shui, yet complements it beautifully. As the principles of Feng Shui are used to optimize the energy flow within a space, The Eden Method then raises the vibrational frequency. The Eden Method empowers individuals and organizations through the raising of consciousness.

Her “Image Keys” can be used

  • to create sacred space
  • for raising consciousness
  • to unlock our full DNA blueprint and true potential
  • For balancing divine masculine and feminine energies
  • to empower us to manifest our dreams and bring our gifts into the world
  • to support our spiritual evolution, and more!


About our Guest

A quest to find a new way of living and being within the world, led artist and author, Barbara Evans, to create The Eden Method™, a new energy healing approach which supports wellbeing of body, mind and spirit through the raising of frequency and consciousness.

The foundation of The Eden Method is Sacred Geometry – the language of the Universe. Sacred Geometry is a language that is recognized at a level beyond the logical mind as a fundamental part of life. Sacred Geometry speaks to our Heart, activating feelings of comfort as it stimulates our connection with the life force flowing within all of us. To help understand this principle, simply recall a time when you visited a very sacred place; remember how you felt when you stood in that place… the feelings of peace and wonder!

Barbara’s journey of discovery and spiritual awakening involved exposure to many energy healing modalities – for example, Shiatsu, Reiki and Crystal Resonance Therapy, before she was guided to Sacred Geometry. These multiple approaches are all positively reflected in her artwork:  geometric patterns are expressed intuitively through the art, bringing the language of the Universe into physical form, while the integration of energies associated with color, crystals and sound, further contribute to its truly transformative nature. The paintings are beautiful to the eye, yet speak energetically to the Heart – they invite inspiration to arise within the observer, awakening potential already held within, and assisting people to connect with their dreams, gifts and talents, and manifest them into the world.