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Tapping Into the Energy of Infinite Possibility

infinity wave

This is the freedom you’ve been waiting for!


  • Have you ever wished you could just “shut off” the chatter and distractions in your mind?
  • Do you want to take full advantage of all the opportunities in your life but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you just waiting to expand into a place of centeredness in Spirit?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above, then The Infinity Wave is the tool you’ve been waiting for. It is something you can harness and use AT WILL.

This special offer gives you an invaluable tool with the power to rewrite your existence, tap into you and make a permanent evolutionary leap, achieve a greater sense of consciousness, and never feel as though life is out of your control again

Take advantage of The Infinity Wave and fulfill the role you came into this world to play!


The Infinity Wave Program:

A New Energetic Union of Love, Life and Self


This program and the power of The Infinity Wave will assist you in elevating your expression to accomplish everything you came onto this Earth to do. This is your opportunity to join Hope Fitzgerald in this journey of discovery.

Here you will have a chance to dive into this amazing new technology and use these tools and practices that Hope has so gracefully placed at your fingertips to:

  • Tap into you
  • Make a permanent evolutionary leap
  • Achieve a greater sense of consciousness
  • Never feel as though life is out of your control
  • Travel through time
  • Release past pains and blockages
  • and Literally change the world as we know it


Hope will help you to Hear, Feel, Accept, and GROW as she leads you through a series of Infinity Wave exercises and processes accompanied by beautiful tonal healings and soothing sounds.

These powerful sessions provide the first ever packaged introduction of this amazing new system of ascension, healing and flow.

The Infinity Wave exercises literally fuel your heart and open your mind, body and soul to a new way of existing. You haven’t experienced anything quite like this.


Program 1: Beautiful Preparation
infinitywave1This disc brings you into Hope’s incredible program and enables you to fully let go in preparation for your new energetic union. Embrace Love, the Life you deserve, and Self as a beautiful expression of You. It allows you to calm the system and let go of what is no longer useful to you as you move into the next Divine expression of you.

Introduction to the Wave

  • Join Hope and acknowledge the fact that the choices you make are a part of something much greater than your life. You are a participant in the development of this world.
  • You can inspire a change on this planet and can have a miraculous impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals.
  • Try on this energetic and prepare for the rest of The Infinity Wave.


The Infinity Cradle

  • Learn the power of The Infinity Wave and discover how to harness and manipulate it to best suit your needs.
  • This really is the change that makes all future change easier.
  • Discover how to use the wave to your advantage by calling it into you and allowing it to run through your entire system, all day long.


Your life is a reflection of who you are as a spiritual being – learn how to use this amazing tool to realign with your Divine path and have a profound lasting impact on this planet.


Program 2: Your First Steps to Enlightenment

Melt into a new sense of being as you enjoy a unique experience. With Hope’s help, you are guided into this new state of connection and co-creation.

The Earth itself is an energetic being. That means that you can tap into and actually change the state and climate of those energies. Join Hope and accept your birthright. Be fed by this planet and know how to interact with this beautiful world.

Swim the Earth

  • Open yourself up to the wonders that the Earth has in store for you. This track lets you tap into the nourishment that awaits and actually builds your relationship with the planet that longs to lovingly support you.
  • Simple acts of interaction can actually deepen your heart’s connection to Mother Earth. As Hope explains, she asks nothing of us and gives in overflowing abundance.
  • Fully receive all that this incredible planet has to offer?


Time Travel

  • Explore what it means to release yourself from the limitations of time.
  • Time has mistakenly been defined as a linear progression – in reality, disconnecting from time allows you to truly release, let go and be free from all restraints. Be free to ride the wave of time and know how to stretch it, turn it backward, and even move it forward.
  • Close your eyes, begin to breathe and join Hope as you unravel the restraints of three-dimensional time.


Program 3: Spread Your Wings

You, as a human being on this planet, have an amazing ability to tap into the pulse of your environment and the individuals around you. This enables you to identify the pulses affecting your current state and shape your own experience.

This session will assist you to;

  • Gain more mastery over the pulse that most benefits everything you’re doing.
  • Remember, you are co-creating your existence here; this takes that a huge leap further and lets you tune into the subconscious influences.
  • Prepare to strengthen your practice and deepen your connection to that which matters most, oneness and resonance with Source and Mother Earth.


Power Cell

You are the one who can play out what’s best and highest for your Self, your community, and the Earth as a whole. Let The Infinity Wave reach beyond the boundaries of your physical body and affect change in the ENTIRE WORLD.

  • Discover how to become a conduit for change.
  • You literally become a power cell in that you receive new energies and transmute them through your body. You, as a walking power cell have it within your Self to change the planet simply by existing.


Crystal Columns

Discover your Divinity, reach into both the masculine and feminine realms of your experience, and achieve true balance in your life.

As Hope shared, living in truth requires the same strength as an arrow gliding through the air. It takes balance and cooperation from many different elements.

  • Uncover the balance you need.
  • Make the most of your experience here.
  • Have true Christ consciousness.
  • Embody the feminine energetic in your body and head further down the path of change on a GLOBAL scale.


Program 4: Release and Expand

Invite all the aspects of you that no longer serve, to take their leave. Clean and clear the way for you to receive the truly beautiful experience you are meant for.

Embark on a journey into a greater sense of clarity and purpose that leads you into the conduit and column you are destined to become.

  • Release trauma
  • Overcome past hardships and memories
  • Digest the past pains that cling to your present state

Your willingness and fearlessness to make the most of your experience allows this disc to prepare you for all that lay ahead.

 Journey to Your Grace Garden

  • Take the next step and allow these sound waves to wash through your body.
  • Invite The Infinity Wave into your heart center. It is a flowing energetic of love and compassion that stays in your heart realm to nurture and grow with you.
  • Allow this track and this practice to wash away the pain of your past and prepare you for all that you are about to accomplish.


The Infinity Wheel

  • This practice explores what it looks like to bring a group into the use of The Infinity Wave.
  • Stand and acknowledge your intentions for positive change.
  • The next step is the first into a brand new world of change that YOU ARE CO-CREATING. Be prepared to change the world.