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Ignite and Live in the Truth of Who You Are with Eric Altman

For over twenty years, Eric Altman has dedicated himself to healing others through his gift of distance healing combined with his awakened state of spiritual teaching.

Eric’s spiritual teachings are based on the idea that awakening should be simple, practical, and down-to-earth. One of the biggest myths of all times is that spiritual awakening and evolution are difficult.

Eric’s system of energy healing transmissions, Heart Field Healing™, uses personal assessment, reflection, and energy healing to assist you in building pathways for a deeper connection with yourself. He guides you in activating your innate healing abilities, resetting your nervous system, and communicating pure unconditional love to your entire being. In turn, this supports expansion of your awareness and consciousness, resulting in profound and lasting psychological and physical benefits.  Eric’s transmissions promote presence, inner freedom, wellness, confidence, creativity, and self-reliant wholeness.


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Ignite and Live in Your Truth with
Eric Altman
on nrQi Radio
Wednesday, October 23rd @ 2pm (ET)
(206) 402-0100 / Pin code: 990679#


About our Guest
eric altman, spiritual healing, ignite your truth, physical and emotional healing, energy healingFor over twenty years, Eric has taught spiritual seekers and non-seekers alike a clear, simple, and dynamic path to healing and awakening. He works from the premise that awakening is simple, practical, and down-to-earth. His teachings transcend dogma and are not confined to any one spiritual tradition. Eric holds that there is nothing to add to ourselves, nothing we lack. We are all capable and ready to heal and awaken our true selves, and live in wholeness and harmony.

Eric’s first experiences with his healing energy go back to his childhood when he began noticing that placing his attention on others brought about a positive change in their natures. “I noticed good things happening without my seemingly doing anything. I could see healing take places. I just began to watch and listen to people closely. I could see their hurt, but I also realized that there was nothing wrong with them to begin with. There was really nothing to fix. But by listening to them and becoming fully aware of them, they seemed to feel better. This was when it became clear to me that people often ignore their own hearts and intuitions, and that this was what stood in the way of wholeness.”

After several profound spiritual openings and experiences that radically expanded his awareness, Eric began helping people to release the painful ideas they held about themselves and that held them back from living fully. He has a foot in two worlds, working on both an energetic and practical level to help people help themselves.