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If you need assistance downloading and accessing the product files, you’ll find the information and resources below helpful.

General help with downloading the products

The products files will be downloaded in .zip format. For each product, here’s what to do to open them:
1. Click on the link to download.
2. Your browser will ask you where to save the file. Very Important: Remember where you save the .zip file.
It’s also important to remember that your computer internet connection speed can vary; so, some files may take some time to download.
3. After you finish downloading the .zip file, find the file you downloaded. (Use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.)
4. “Uncompress” the .zip file. This should be as simple as double clicking it.
5. The easiest way to import the mp3 files is to drag and drop them on to your “player.” We recommend iTunes to play them. The .mp3 files will organize themselves in order.
If you don’t have iTunes here is the link to download it:
6. For the “.PDF” files just double click the file and it will be open in Adobe Acrobat on your computer.
If you can not open the .zip or .pdf files, please see the links below to download the free unzip and pdf reader software.

Help with .Zip files

If your computer does not have Zip software to uncompress the files on your computer, click on the links below to install these free programs.

For Mac:

For PC:

When you do download a zip file and click on it to open or unzip the product, this software will begin automatically. So there is no need to start up any additional software.

Help with .Pdf files

If your computer does not have up to date software to read .Pdf files, click on the link below to get Adobe Reader for free.

This software works on both Mac and PC:
Adobe Reader

Help with Windows Media Player .Wmv video files

To help you view videos that may be in the products, you can get software to play and view them. The software is free.

For PC users:
Windows Media Player

For Mac users:
At the link above, there is an option to download windows media components for Quicktime, or download this software:
which will convert WMA files so you can watch them on a Mac.