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have a day of heaven on earth

An truly gifted and wonderful friend of mine transcribes messages from the Akashic Record Keepers each week and sends the message out via email. This week I was particularly touched by what she downloaded and slightly amuzed because it has been exactly the theme I have been operating under and exploring myself all week. (I love when I am in synch! 🙂 )

Anyway, it felt like such a valuable message, I just simply had to share it with all of you. I hope that you will find the wisdom in these words and it brings you peace, love and joy!

🙂 Kristen

The Words of the Akashic Record Keepers for This Week

by Yana Mileva

akashic records, love, joy, life coaching, enwaken, intuition, passion, follow your intuition, following your passion,Love everyone around you. See them as a continuation of you – connected with you through your blood, through your feelings, through your thoughts, through your energy – you are all connected on so many levels in this dimension only. How can you be mean and nasty to your own self? See each one around you as… you and ask yourself “Do I want to do that to myself? Do I want to say that to myself? Why would I do that to myself?”, wait for the answer and act from it. It is impossible to explain it with words, but we’ll help you understand it with your core – EVERYTHING you see, hear, touch, smell or feel… is YOU. Somebody is hurting you? Look into his/her eyes and ask yourself “why would I behave like that with myself?”, would you?, if not, take the decision and have the knowingness that you do not behave like that with yourself and design the way you would behave with yourself – you will tell yourself words of encouragement, words of love, words of support, you would be gentle and loving with yourself, you will always be kind to yourself and then… see how the world around you, which is an extension of you, just like your arm is an extension of you, acts exactly as you wish. It is all You; it acts as you decide, just like your body does as you wish – it is the most natural thing there is – you ask yourself something and… you do it for yourself.  When you want something (like a loved one, new job, more friends), just ask it from… Yourself. Why would you deny yourself your own wish? You wouldn’t :).

Have a Day of Heaven on Earth!
Yana Mileva, JoyRideCoaching

ps. Anyone can join Yana’s list, and I encourage you to do so if it resonates with you, simply visit her sight at and fill in your contact information to receive your weekly akashic record messages.