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gratitude is just a sentence away

by Guest Blogger and Author, Mal Duane of

I know when you are in the throes of an emotionally painful alpha chick, mal duane, alpha chick telesummit, telesummit, pain, pain to power, alchoholic, 5 step program, faith, life coach, life coaching, empowered, empowering, personal power, gratitude,situation, it can be very difficult to connect or even recognize gratitude in your life.  Sometimes the hurt is overwhelming and it can be hard to find the good in it. So to put gratitude in perspective, I am going to say something that really is going to shock you: I am grateful that I am an alcoholic.

You probably think I am losing it, but let me explain: I would not be where I am today if I had not become an alcoholic. I would not have written my book if I had not become an alcoholic. I would not have met, nor married my husband if I were not an alcoholic. So, in the middle of all that scary addiction stuff, I was able to figure something out. It all made sense to me, that the path I navigated was the one I was meant to traverse.

And I am so very grateful for that path.

So, instead of wallowing in emotional pain, take the time to ask yourself: “What seeds of wisdom and gratitude can I find in some of the more disturbing, painful experiences I have had?” There is a lesson buried beneath the surface of emotional scars. Once you begin to discover what you should learn from these episodes, you will be on your way to healing. And a good way to keep track of these lessons is to write them down. By putting your thoughts to paper, you give them even more power. As you write them down, your thoughts become valid and your realization becomes the truth. This is where your gratitude begins.

I recommend you take this practice a step further. Every night before falling asleep, write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for — things that happened that very day. Why not get a cute journal to record all the wonderful things that you have in your life? Before long you will have written an amazing list, on which you can reflect every evening before you add even more items. It is similar to compound interest and I call it compound gratitude. It builds very quickly and starts to make a very noticeable shift in your emotional and mental state.

Gratitude is a personal experience; you need to feel it for yourself. By making an effort to find it in the most simple things, you can literally change how you feel about your life. It also feels so much better than the sensation of lack or not having what you want. You have to remember that what you think about shows up in your physical experience. If you concentrate on what you don’t have you get more of the same. It comes down to choice and you absolutely have the ability to make a choice. Be the deliberate creator of your own life by writing down what you have that you are grateful for today!