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give yourself the gift of self-love

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TOMORROW is Valentine’s Day. Most of us associate this day with hearts, roses and chocolates, as we express our love for someone special in our lives.

Perhaps you’ve already sent a gift or card to someone you love. Perhaps you’ve also been lucky enough to receive an expression of love from someone else. Expressing love for no other reason than to make someone know they are loved and appreciated is a wonderful thing. It feels good to say, “You mean a lot to me.” It also feels good to be told we are loved.

But how many of us take the time to send a Valentine to the most important person in our lives—ourselves? How many of us would think to set aside even a few moments on a day like Valentine’s Day to say “I love you” to the wonderful human beings we are?

That is what author Mal Duane is asking all of us—especially women—to do this Valentine’s Day. Her new book Alpha Chick: five steps for moving from pain to power is, in Mal’s words, “a gift of self-love”. Mal chose Valentine’s Day to launch her book because she knew that so many women around the world fail to acknowledge themselves for the magnificent people they are. Mal feels Alpha Chick is the perfect gift for women to give themselves on Valentine’s Day, as it’s an inspiring and practical handbook for self-love and self-esteem.

Author Mal Duane knows all about lack of self-love. When she was a young woman, she battled with alcohol dependency, low self-esteem and abusive relationships. But just when she hit rock-bottom, she heard an inner voice that told her she was loved and valuable, and that she would not only recover and rise from the ashes, but that she would go on to help other women learn their true beauty and value. These days, at age 64 (and looking more like 44), Mal is a happily married and highly successful entrepreneur in the real estate world, as well as a coach and author. She’s also a passionate philanthropist who has founded a school for women in West Africa, as well as an educational fund called “Holly’s Gift”, which provides money for education and training for women. In fact, a portion of the proceeds from every copy of Alpha Chick sold will go directly to “Holly’s Gift”.

Finally, in her work as a certified recovery coach, Mal has also helped hundreds of women overcome seemingly hopeless lives, and find the path to self-love and empowerment. She calls this type of awakened woman an “Alpha Chick”.  Surely, Mal is an Alpha Chick extraordinaire.

Alpha Chick: five steps for moving from pain to power is celebrating its official Amazon launch on Valentine’s Day Tuesday February 14th, 2012. And, as a special gift to you, when you buy the book during the launch, you’ll also receive:

  • 3 MP3 downloads (over 4 hours of audio) from the Alpha Chick Telesummit with 10 world-class speakers talking about the process of moving from pain to power
  • A great collection of FREE GIFTS from dozens of authors, coaches and other personal development leaders, including a special gift from Cindy and I.
  • A FREE ONLINE CLASS from Mal where she will PERSONALLY take you through the five steps of the Alpha Chick process, so you can start to embrace true self-love.
  • EXTRA BONUS: If you’re feeling generous, and want to buy 3 or more books to share the gift of self-love with other women in your family, circle of friends, work place, support groups, reading groups, etc., Mal will give you a BONUS online class where you can ask her questions personally. It’s a great chance to gain from Mal’s experience as a recovery coach, and a woman who’s “been there”.

So this Valentine’s Day, do something special for yourself! Get Your Copy of Alpha Chick, Claim Your Gifts, and Celebrate the amazing gift that you are!