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finding passion

By Guest Blogger Yana Mileva of JoyRideCoaching.comlife coaching, enwaken, intuition, passion, follow your intuition, following your passion,

Passion is something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and your heart beat like a drum. There are different things that make people tick and passion is the one for me. If I do not feel passionate about something, I suck at doing it; it I am passionate about something, I rock at doing it. It’s that simple.

As an energy coach, I explore the wisdom of the Akashic Records, but what I want to share now is the first time I realized what difference it makes to do what you are passionate about. I was an average citizen, living an average life with an average income in an average apartment and I was way above average suffocating from the “averageness” of my life. I had always been doing what was right and most logical to do and that is where it had led me to. Yes, I was not experiencing an extreme lack and I did have a comfortable life, but that was not what I wanted. I wanted to thrive! I wanted to wake up every morning excited about what was awaiting me during that day! At that time I was not that much in tune with my intuition, but I was smart enough to listen to those people, who had already reached where I wanted to go. The thing that all of those people were saying was “Follow your Passion”. I had to burn a few brain cells struggling to find out what I was passionate about and I managed to come up with a couple of things. The problem was – I had no idea how those passions could be of any good.

One of the very few things I managed to come up with on my passion list was dancing. One evening, while browsing a famous social network, I stumbled across a video of people doing some sorta, kinda dancing. I kept on watching; it looked like fun! The title of the video was Zumba Fitness. “Ah,” I thought, “this is something I would like to try.” Unfortunately, according to Zumba’s official website, there were no classes offered in my entire state. I felt so low; I had just found something that looked close to my so called passion and the Universe had showed me the finger. Then a thought crossed my mind, “If there are no classes, maybe I can offer one?” I searched for Zumba instructor workshops and it turned out there was a workshop scheduled for the exact same date, I had already booked a ticket to London for, and at the exact same location I was staying at! I just couldn’t believe the coincidence! I thought the Universe was having a laugh, but it was all real! Then the doubt kicked in, but lucky a friend’s kick also kicked in and a month later I was licensed to teach Zumba. Now I pack up to 300 students in a single weekly class and I teach seven classes a week. All of those people come to my classes to share my and their passion for dancing. Did following my passion work out? You bet, it did! I often feel tears wet my eyes during a class, for I am so grateful for living this dream, touching the lives of so many people and seeing them glowing with happiness. Oh, yea and my income is by the way no longer an average one, but this is simply a bonus to having the chance to be living my passion each and every day.

Since this passion lesson, I decided to always follow my intuition and do what I feel drawn to. It has been an interesting ride, learning to trust my intuition and follow my passion, but every time I do, a miracle happens. Dare to try it out? I promise you – It is worth the leap of faith.