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Eldon Taylor ~ When What You Believe Matters

Eldon Taylor, I believe, spirituality,What is the foundation underpinning success in all areas of life? Is there a blueprint? What if you learned that your beliefs were the very cornerstones that supported success, and that having a few of these could give rise to success in some areas while complete failure in others?  Would you choose to build a stronger overall foundation?

Join us today as we speak with Eldon Taylor and explore these questions in more as we unravel this juicy topic!


Eldon Taylor has spent over 25 years researching the power of the mind and developing scientifically proven methods to use this power to enhance the quality of your life. I Believe is a book that will not only inspire you, but will highlight the kinds of beliefs you hold that may be causing you to fail. In the process, it will provide you with the opportunity to choose, once again, the beliefs that drive your life.