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Dr. Bradley Nelson ~ Unleash Your Inner Healer, dr. bradley nelson, the emotion code, the body code, heart walls, trapped emotionsOn today’s inspiring call, Dr. Bradley Nelson shows us how to use his powerful tool, The Emotion Code, to quickly get to the root cause of illness and issues in our lives and easily release the trapped emotions that are at the source of the experience we are having.

dr bradley nelson, emotion code,, energy healing, chiropractor, The Body Code System for Ultimate Energy Healing and Body Balancing System, release blocks, correct the underlying imbalancesAbout Our Guest
Dr. Bradley Nelson is the developer of the most advanced form of energy medicine on the planet. A holistic Chiropractic Physician and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology.

His bestselling book, “The Emotion Code”, is helping people all over the world to improve their lives by ridding themselves of their imbalancing emotional baggage. Users of The Emotion Code technique have found freedom from emotional problems such as depression and anxiety, as well as physical problems including fatigue, pain and disease. A key element of The Emotion Code is removing emotional baggage that has clustered around the heart, interfering with ones ability to find love and success. Dr. Nelson has coined this cluster of emotions, the “Heart-Wall,” and it has been called “the most important discovery in the history of energy medicine.”

In 2009 he channeled his life’s work into a simple yet powerful self-study course known as, “The Body Code” system, which teaches students how to balance the body in these 6 key areas. The Body Code is being used successfully by doctors and laypeople alike to improve the health of thousands of people all over the world.

To find out more about The Emotion Code and The Body Code, visit Dr. Nelson on, a membership site providing instructional videos, books, articles, live webinars and more.

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