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Suzanna Kennedy ~ Emotional/Mental Detox

Join us for some inspired conversation with Suzanna Kennedy about how to Detox in order to Upgrade every aspect of our lives. And how to LoveUp your inner child by setting it free from toxic thoughts and emotions and the trauma, drama and pain that they cause.   Suzanna Kennedy is the Founder and Director […]

Rikka Zimmerman ~ Soul Freedom on nrQi Radio

What if magic and miracles were you Divine birthright. What if all you had to do to allow them was to say YES? On Wednesday’s truly inspired and deeply moving show, we explored what soul freedom looks like and how to experience it fully in your life. The day before Independence day felt like the […]

Catch the Infinity Wave with Hope Fitzgerald

We are all in a process of evolving whether we know it or not. Because we humans have become ever more aware of ourselves, it is now possible to be fully awake in our evolution and even to have a hand in how we evolve. That’s what it means to be conscious – isn’t it […]

may is a firework of possibility

I so loved our show yesterday with Maya White She made understanding how we can best leverage the energies of 2012 so simple. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the show yet, you can find out more about the Mayan Calendar, How to best work with the cycles of the Moon […]

march energy forecast

by Emmanuel Dahger • Hi my beautiful friend, How have you been feeling lately? As a direct result of the heightened energies at this time, many of us are catching more glimpses of the magic anchoring and weaving itself into our daily experience. On the lighter side, these energies are showing up in a […]

give yourself the gift of self-love

TOMORROW is Valentine’s Day. Most of us associate this day with hearts, roses and chocolates, as we express our love for someone special in our lives. Perhaps you’ve already sent a gift or card to someone you love. Perhaps you’ve also been lucky enough to receive an expression of love from someone else. Expressing love […]

gratitude is just a sentence away

by Guest Blogger and Author, Mal Duane of I know when you are in the throes of an emotionally painful situation, it can be very difficult to connect or even recognize gratitude in your life.  Sometimes the hurt is overwhelming and it can be hard to find the good in it. So to put […]