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Asara Lovejoy ~ The One Command

The simple premise of The One Command is that you have the capacity to change your life with abilities that are inherent within your brain and biology.
The One Command is a simple six-step process designed to stop negative thoughts and intentionally create one’s reality.  Those engaged in the process do this by stating The One Command while in the theta brain wave. It is a proactive approach to abundance that emphasizes creation rather than manifestation. The former is active and more comprehensible to many, as we’re all familiar with creating, whether it’s making dinner, writing a book, or building a house.  Manifesting is more intangible and a term that, despite a lot of essential insights over the past decades, is inherently hard to understand and even harder to practically execute.  By creating our wealth, we assume a clear level of responsibility and vision for our lives.
About our Guest
asara lovejoy, one command, theta, theta healing, theta brainwavesAsara Lovejoy, author of The One Command is a recognized authority on what is possible in our human potential, an entrepreneur, and an educator in human consciousness. She shares the inspiring story of The One Command and how it changes lives. Asara says, “I discovered this simple truth – that you have been designed with greatness for your success right within your DNA and the path to that greatness is in the home of your subconscious – your theta mind.” She discovered that through 6-Easy Steps to theta, and by One Command®, you can stop your negative thoughts instantly, and allow your success blueprint to naturally rise to the surface. Through this process the next natural step for your life simply arrives to bring your success into action easily, with great satisfaction.