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an attitude of gratitude

gratitude, manifesting, universe, law of attraction, thanks, thank you, thankfulness, money, attracting money, manifesting money, love, life, happinessThe key to manifesting the life of your dreams is G~R~A~T~I~T~U~D~E! Be thankful for what you want as if you already have it. 🙂

Deciding what you want is one thing, bringing it into your reality is the tricky part. The Universe also likes details. Don’t just think about everything you want in your head, write it down. Cut out pictures, create a vision board, be specific, add dates, add amounts and more. Be specific and BE CLEAR. Don’t waffle and be sure that your actions line up with your words. For example, don’t say that you want a man who will take care of you and then quickly pull out your credit card to pay for the meal when it is over. That is NOT being clear, that is saying you don’t trust the Universe to deliver to you what you are asking for.

In addition to keeping a journal or creating vision boards, a very important step is to be sure that you thank the Universe for what you are asking for in advance of receiving it. Making this a daily practice will assist you in forming a strong alliance with the Universe. When you wake up in the morning, create a mantra, or statement for yourself that describes you in your ideal place. For example, “Thank you Universe for my joyful children, the money you provide for me, my healthy happy body, etc.” We always create more of what we believe and this exercise provides an opportunity for you to funnel that energy and power into the positive. Instead of getting out of bed in the morning and noticing that your back is stiff, or your muscles ache, or your wrinkles are deeper, you have a choice to notice instead that your nose isn’t stuffy, your mind feels clear, or what ever it is that feels right and good, the way you would like it to. It is an easy way to take a small step in the direction you want to go. Shifting your focus from positive to negative bring you more positive. (Do I need to point out here that the opposite is also true?) 🙂

Decide what you want and start looking for the bread crumbs that will guide you there. Practice every day for a minimum of 2 minutes. Just notice what is right and give thanks for that. You can do this as many times a day as you think of it… I know that miracles will unfold for you if you do!

Enjoy and have fun with this, afterall, isn’t that the life you want? One that you enjoy and have fun with?! 🙂