nrQi Radio

Tapping Into the Energy of Infinite Possibility

about our name

nrQi is pronounced “inner-chee”. Chi, Ch’i or Qi is most easily understood as life energy, life force, or energy flow. Ancient western philosophy states that when you come into alignment with this energy, you feel and experience harmony, love, and balance in your life.

We not only believe, but know this to be true. In his book, The Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden says, “There is a place where all things begin, a location of pure energy that simply – IS.”

It “is” from this glorious place of pure energy, combined with inner alignment and Universal co-collaboration – that nrQi Radio was born. And it is with great love and compassion that we bring you all the exciting tools, knowledge, and insights you need to tap into your own natural flow of energy – your field of pure potential – and not only experience, but live, the life of your dreams!