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Tapping Into the Energy of Infinite Possibility

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nrQi Radio is radio like you have never experienced it before! It is a joyful, delicious, amalgam of everything great in the world of spirituality, human potential, energy healing, and new thought movements!

Our goal at nrQi Radio is to provide you, the listener, with a vibrant and uplifting playground for expansion™. In partnership with new thought leaders and experts in the field of personal transformation and development, we share exciting concepts and ideas that engage, encourage and inspire you to take action toward making quantum leaps in all areas of your life.

We are guided by the knowing that anything is possible because everything is simply — ENERGY! Together with our amazing guests, we utilize running dialog, cutting-edge energy tools & techniques, and on-air transformation sessions, to help facilitate the expansion of consciousness and raise the vibration on the planet. As beacons of light and love, it is our mission to shine the light of possibility and truth, so that everyone can embrace life with an expanded mind, happy heart, and playful spirit.

We warmly welcome you to our community, and look forward to watching you blossom into the most vibrant, authentic expression of yourself!

In light & love,